Blockchain 2023 event between Vietnam and Korea is coming soon next 3 days

19th World Blockchain Web 3.0 Marvels HCMC 2023”, the Blockchain event between Vietnam and Korea will take place on June 8, 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. This event is organized by digital transformation alliance DTS Group, Korean CEO Summit (KCS) and Vietnam Blockchain Association.

Blockchain event between Vietnam and Korea will take place on June 8, 2023

The World Blockchain – Web 3.0 Marvels 2023 event will be the convergence of powerful actors in three main groups: government, association and business. Representatives from the Korean government will include Ms. Yang, Hyang Ja, Member of the National Assembly of the Korean Government, Chairman of the Semiconductor Industry Committee; Mr. Kim, Jong Seok, Chairman of the Regulation Reform Committee of the Office of the President.

Along with that, professional associations will also be present with the participation of leading experts in the field, creating a destination for knowledge sharing, communicating the latest information and exploring opportunities for cooperation. Writer: Mr. Park Bong Kyu – Chairman of Korea CEO Summit; Mr. Kim Hyoung Joong, President of Korea Fintech Association; Mr. Park Sung Joon, Chairman of Korea Blockchain Association and leading expert in blockchain field from Vietnam and Korea.

In addition, leading technology enterprises will participate in the event to present their ongoing projects and seek cooperation opportunities in this potential environment: Mr. Sam Seo, Representative Director of Klaytn; Mr. Bruno Jo, CEO and Founder of Zelly Space; Mr. Justin Kim, Avalanche Project Representative in Korea.

On the side of Vietnamese representatives attending this event, there will be three main groups: associations, businesses and sponsors. Among the participants, World Blockchain – Web 3.0 Marvels 2023 proudly welcomes the participation of experts from Vietnamese professional associations such as: Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thang, Chairman of TSS Center (Digital Assets) ; Mr. Hoang Ngoc Gia Long, Vice President of Blockchain Union; Mr. Truong Gia Bao (Leon Truong), Chairman of DTS Group Digital Transformation Alliance, Chairman of NFT Vietnam Alliance; Mr. Phan Duc Chung. Vice President of Vietnam Blockchain Association.

The event received sponsorship and support from Blockchain technology enterprises in Vietnam sponsored, their presence not only created opportunities for cooperation and investment for projects and businesses, but also demonstrates the commitment of the Vietnamese community to the development and application of new technologies. Participating sponsors include: Mr. Nam Nguyen, Advisor Ufin; Mr. Victor Nguyen, CEO of Pibridge Vietnam; Mr. Jayz Nguyen, Co Founder & CMO Mesea and the guest presence Mr. Luke Liu – Founder, CEO of World Meta.


“19th World Blockchain Web 3.0 Marvels HCMC 2023 is not just a conference, but a creative space where we can exchange ideas and discuss how this technology can change the world. “. Mr. Truong Gia Bao (Leon Truong), Chairman of the digital transformation alliance DTS Group, the organizer of this event shared.

“With the rapid development of blockchain technology and web 3.0, we are witnessing changes in finance, security, privacy and many other areas. This event will help us better understand the potential of this technology and how to apply it to life and work. World Blockchain – Web 3.0 Marvels 2023 is not only a place to share knowledge and techniques, but also a platform for us to make new connections, build relationships and launch groundbreaking projects. I hope Korean – Vietnamese businesses can cooperate and build an exciting future based on blockchain technology and web 3.0,” he added.

This event has five main goals. Firstly, the event provides an opportunity to connect with leading businesses and experts in the blockchain field from Vietnam and Korea.

Secondly, the event helps to keep up to date with the latest trends in the blockchain field. World Blockchain – Web 3.0 Marvels 2023 will be a space for in-depth discussions, seminars, and knowledge exchange activities. This is your chance to get in touch with the latest ideas, insights, cutting-edge technologies in blockchain and web 3.0, and success stories from leading developers and industry experts. .

Third, the event can help people learn about the latest products and services in the blockchain field. World Blockchain – Web 3.0 Marvels 2023 is the place to create a new future. Here, successful case studies, products from major Blockchain companies in Korea and Vietnam will let you experience innovative ideas, products and services, opening up opportunities for innovation. and development in the field of technology.

Fourth, the event creates an opportunity to learn about the latest government policies related to blockchain technology of Korea and Vietnam.

Fifth, the event helps to learn about potential blockchain projects in Vietnam and Korea to seek investment – support. At the event, businesses can present their ideas and projects to investors, technology companies and industry experts. This is an opportunity for start-ups to seek funding, get feedback and guidance from experienced people, and create collaborations to develop their ideas.

World Blockchain – Web 3.0 Marvels 2023 – where professionals, developers, businesses and technology enthusiasts can interact, learn and explore the amazing potentials of blockchain and web 3.0.

Information & Events:

Time: 08/06/2023.
Location: Sheraton Hotel, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
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