Interbank interest rates fell deeply, down 50% in the past 1 month  Interbank interest rates fell deeply. The average overnight interbank lending rate is only 2.69%, only half of the similar interest rate in the US. Interbank VND interest rates recently dropped sharply in all terms from 1 month or less.Continue Reading

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major disruption in life and production and business activities. But this spurred a spike in cashless payments. After the pandemic, non-cash payment is increasingly developing as banks grasp the trend, expand services, and people have adapted to new payment methods. Difficulty is leverage Since the beginningContinue Reading

Cross-banking ownership: ‘Everyone knows and recognizes it, but it’s very difficult to name and show face Delegate Trinh Xuan An (Doan Dong Nai) said that the anti-cross-ownership regulation in the revised draft Law on Credit Institutions introduced this time is not strong. National Assembly member Trinh Xuan An. Discussing theContinue Reading

It is necessary to review the regulations allowing banks to act as insurance agents  Delegate Pham Van Thinh (Bac Giang Union) suggested that, in order to avoid conflicts of interest and protect borrowers, regulations for commercial banks to act as insurance agents, especially life insurance, should be considered. At theContinue Reading