The $19 million project of former Facebook Vietnam CEO Le Diep Kieu Trang ceased operations Arevo Vietnam’s 3D printer production and software services, product manufacturing services on 3D printers using carbon fiber polymer materials of Arevo Vietnam, Arevo Vietnam Co., Ltd. ceased operations invested in the High-Tech Park of HoContinue Reading

EVNGENCO3 ensures a stable ‘background’ power supply in the dry season As one of the main power sources running on the background, electricity from EVNGENCO3 has contributed significantly to the national electricity system. It is known that in May, the national electricity system’s load increased due to intense heat on aContinue Reading

Massively making solar power and then ‘putting mats’ The work is completed but has legal problems and cannot be put into operation; Spread investment, capacity exceeding demand… are the reasons why more than 4,000 rooftop solar power projects in Binh Duong have to be “covered”. Being the first enterprise to investContinue Reading

Gold falls into a less favorable investment cycle  Precious metals analyst at Standard Chartered said that in the summer months, the price of gold is likely to fall due to the slowing of the investor consumption cycle. Gold price opened on the first day of the week, June 12, goldContinue Reading