Financial Newsletter on 6/7/2023

Mr. Bui Thanh Nhon’s daughter bought more than 3 million Novaland shares

Novaland (NVL): The Chairman’s daughter bought more than 3 million shares, increasing her ownership to nearly 24.7 million shares.

The transaction was carried out from June 2 to June 30, according to the agreement method.

This amount is equivalent to 88% of the total amount that Ms. Quynh has previously registered to buy, the reason for not completing the transaction is because the partner changed the transaction time.

After the above transaction, Quynh’s ownership rate in Novaland increased from 1.11% of charter capital (equivalent to more than 21.6 million shares) to 1.26% of charter capital (equivalent to nearly 24.7 million shares) million shares).

During Ms. Quynh’s trading period, Novaland’s NVL shares traded around VND 13,850 – 14,850/share, estimated that the number of shares that Ms. Quynh bought was worth about VND 42 – 45 billion.

Previously, during the period of February 10 – March 10, Ms. Bui Cao Ngoc Quynh bought a total of 19.35 million shares out of 44.5 million shares of NVL, raising the ownership rate in Novaland to 21 ,6 million shares, equivalent to 1.11% shares. Transactions are carried out by order matching or agreement method. Based on the average closing price of the transaction time, it is estimated that Ms. Quynh spent more than 221 billion dong on the above transaction.

In the previously announced trading registration, Ms. Quynh plans to buy up to 44.5 million shares of NVL. However, she said that the reason for not being able to carry out all the registered shares was because the seller’s partner changed the trading time.

In terms of business situation, Novaland has just ended the first quarter with “unhappy” results with a loss after tax of VND 410 billion. This is also the first quarter of Novaland’s loss since the company listed its shares on the stock market in 2016.

As of March 31, the total assets of this real estate group reached more than VND 256,194 billion, equivalent to the end of last year. In which, the value of inventory was recorded at nearly VND 137,000 billion and 91% of the total inventory was the value of land fund and projects under construction, the rest was completed construction real estate and real estate goods. Real estate, real estate has been completed waiting to be handed over to customers.