Marcus Rashford 2023: Changing to be the best version!!

With the spectacular makeover from “Rashy”, the fans of the Old Trafford team were somewhat assured of the team’s attack in the journey to compete for a place in the top 4.


Since the time he started playing in the “Red Devils” shirt, Marcus Rashford has always been used by coaches in every position in attack. In the first matches for the Manchester team, the English player was often arranged in the left wing to take advantage of his superior speed and dribbling ability to break through the opponent’s defense. However, the efficiency in the above phases is not high when the 25-year-old striker loses the ball to the opponent’s defender too much. In addition to the position on the left wing in the attack, Rashford also had the opportunity to play in the opposite corridor, and at the same time took on the responsibility of scoring goals when he was ranked as a striker.

However, being arranged to compete in too many different positions has somewhat slowed Rashy’s development. In addition, a persistent shoulder injury for 2 years also makes the No. 10’s ability to contribute to the game less stable. Rashford possesses respectable speed for an attacking player but is not effective enough to create mutant situations. In addition, his limited finishing ability could not make him a top striker in the Premier League. There are times when the mature player from the Carrington furnace shows destructive form when tormenting the opponent’s defense, however, there are also matches where the number 10 completely disappears on the field and makes the fans clam up. bored.

Marcus Rashford Change to be the best version 1
The positions that Rashford used to play in the Man United shirt.

The stability of a top player is what Rashy has been looking for throughout the seasons.

In the summer transfer window of 2022, there was a time when the 25-year-old striker was rumored to move to PSG to save his top career. However, until now, Rashford has remained loyal to the red shirt and shown a spectacular makeover this season. In a total of 25 appearances for Manchester United, the No 10 scored 15 goals and achieved an efficiency of 0.6 goals per game – the best statistic since his debut for the first team. Besides, the England international also tore the opponent’s net in the last 6 matches in all competitions and set a record streak of goals in his career at Old Trafford. According to Opta, every 90 minutes this season, Rashford will give an assist or create a goal.

Witnessing the explosive performance of the most beloved player in the fog, “Red Devils” fans gradually ask the question: is this the version of Rashford that everyone sees every weekend? Or did he rise to another level when playing football? Obviously, a short answer is not enough to describe the full path of the difficult career of the “Three Lions” striker, but in the present tense, he is having his brightest days under the leadership of the “Three Lions”. Coach Erik Ten Hag’s instructions when being trusted in the corridor against his forte.

The fact that Rashford regularly shoots this season is a plus point in terms of performance compared to last season. From just 0.29 goals per 90 minutes in the 2021-22 season, Manchester United’s No 10 has reached 0.47 goals – the second best statistic in Rashy’s career. In addition, the goal conversion rate from shots of the England striker also proved to be more effective when the expected goal index was increased from 0.23 to 0.37 (xG). More than just side situations, Rashford regularly penetrates the opponent’s box to look for opportunities and has averaged 2.06 shots in the 16m50 area this season.

Marcus Rashford Change to be the best version 2
Effective in Rashford’s shots.

Back in the 2019-20 season when Rashford scored 11 goals in 15 games and was considered by many experts to be the best season of the No. 10’s career, he unfortunately suffered a back injury. Comparison between the season above and the present, the Manchester United striker has shown obvious differences in terms of play. In the 2019-20 season, Rashy scored a total of 2 goals in the 5m50 area, and in the ongoing 2022-23 season, it only took him half the season to equalize the above achievement. The brilliant performance of No. 10 partly received effective support from compatriot Luke Shaw. When Rashford enters the opponent’s box, Shaw will be the one to stick to the side and launch crosses in. Conversely, when the defender of the “Red Devils” bundles into the middle playing as an inverted wingback, Rashford will keep his position to support the defense when needed.

This season, only four players have been better than Rashford in terms of dribbling leading to dangerous shots on target. The England striker’s goal against Wolves in the final round of 2022 has shown what he is most quintessentially this season. As usual, the number 10 from the left flank made a cut-inside and bounced with Bruno Fernandes right after observing the space in the penalty area. Rashford’s pace allowed him to catch the ball from Bruno a beat faster before the defenders could block, then used his physical strength to get past two defenders before slamming the ball into Jose’s net. Sa.

Marcus Rashford Change to be the best version 3
Marcus Rashford Change to be the best version 4
Marcus Rashford Change to be the best version 5

A total of 3 elements have been improved by Rashford to upgrade his own playing skills. Firstly, the 25-year-old striker worked hard to penetrate the penalty area to look for more scoring opportunities instead of simply sticking to the edge. Second, Rashford knows how to play with a cool head and the confidence required of a top striker. Third, his improved finishing skills and not abusing dribbling have made him more dangerous than ever. In addition, the “Three Lions” player’s ability to move without the ball and sense of position is always effective in breaking the opponent’s deep defensive blocks.

Obviously, we are seeing a complete version of Rashford over the past few seasons. If the current performance continues, the fans of the “Red Devils” can completely rest assured about the attack of their beloved team with an explosive Rashy in coach Erik Ten Hag’s squad.