Zinedine Zidane: A genius and a masterpiece of football

Roberto Carlos appeared weak on the left side, he tried to cross a lucky ball inside. Zidane picks up momentum, tilts the tower and swings a thunderous volley with his left foot that sends the ball into the near corner. The four school bridges at Hampden Park exploded, and Real Madrid became the king of Europe for the ninth time.

Those footage had been rewinded countless times on television. It was a moment of genius, a classic display of the talent and stature of Zinedine Zidane. 

Referring to Zidane is referring to a pitch artist. The thoughtful swings, the smooth “Marseille turns”, the first touches as if the ball was stuck to his feet, all were done by Zizou as easily as he was walking on a football field. 

Referring to Zidane is referring to a star of big matches. A brace to beat Brazil in the final of France 98, a brilliant performance to bring the Euro 2000 silver trophy to the Gaulois Rooster, and of course not to mention a historic left-footed volley in the Champions final. League 2002. No wonder Sir Alex Ferguson once declared: “Give me Zidane and 10 logs, I will win the Champions League”.

And mentioning Zidane is referring to a record holder on the bench. A reluctant stuntman after Benitez was sacked, a B team coach with no special achievements, but in the end Zidane created one of the most dazzling pages of Real Madrid’s history when helping the team win the championship. Champions League 3 times in a row. 

On Zizou’s 51st birthday, one can acclaim him with the most beautiful words and the most dazzling achievements throughout his career. But perhaps what makes Zidane so unique in the hearts of fans is the very moments of a genius. 

Michel Platini once said that if Baggio is likened to Raffaello (a famous Italian painter), Zidane must also be Delacroix (French genius of painting). Both are pitch artists freshening up a tactical tournament like Serie A. But if Baggio is a nomadic romantic, Zidane has the madness of a genius. A talented player but also received 14 red cards in his career. Zidane can be an angel when sublimated, but when hot-blooded, he will be the embodiment of evil. 

The moment when Zizou ducked his head into the tunnel after his “head-to-head” with Marco Materazzi, tens of thousands of fans’ hearts were broken. Zidane’s illustrious playing career ended with a red card in the World Cup final. It could be a joke of fate, but it could also be the fate of a genius. Any outstanding person has tragedies to underpin his greatness. Tragedy in Germany did not tarnish Zidane’s image, on the contrary, it only made his career immortal. Immediately after that memorable night in Berlin, the French people called out Zidane’s name in the Concorde square, as if to appreciate the unbelievable performance of a 34-year-old, and to thank him for what he did. given the history of French football.

That’s what Zidane is. Even though he is one of the brightest stars on the planet, he still does not hesitate to express the humiliating joy of a human being. That’s why people love him unconditionally. And perhaps that is why Zizou’s art of “winning hearts” was so successful when he returned to Real Madrid on the bench. Los Blancos at that time was an invincible army, not only because of the Galacticos with superior class, but above all because of the bravery and “crazy” inspired by Zidane. 

Referring to Zidane, fans of the ball talk about poetry when the number 10 dances with the ball, but those who have loved Zizou for a long time will also mention the quality of his life. A human can create great masterpieces but can also get a red card after an ugly tackle. A great legend but still eager to meet Marcelo Bielsa in his early days in charge. One broke the curse of the Champions League champions and called it a “not bad” achievement.

Zidane confessed that he had recreated the volley against Bayer Leverkusen on the training ground as well as in promotional videos but never succeeded. Simply because that masterpiece is unique. And with the football world too, there will be no second Zizou, because the masterpiece is only one.